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Water Tank Talk Series 水箱访谈

Performance series since 2021

The Water Tank talk series is a practice playing with the power structure, personal space versus public, and the information and knowledge structure. 


In the performance, there are usually two participants squeezing in a heavy-duty plastic water tank. The tank will then be placed on a handcart and relocated to a public space, usually the city centre. There are curious people, engaging passers-by who randomly push handcarts around.

The water tank itself formed a semi-bubble that partly isolates two participants from outside reality that will be constantly squeezed by random incidents from the outside public, forming a vivid, time-based floating living statement that is against the mess planned narrative that is filled in our world.

Water Tank talk Series Shanghai, 2021, 38min

Water Tank: Playground proposal. It is an interactive project that brings random people together in water tanks and carries them to random places in the city. 

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