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The Unnamed Project ​未命名项目

Experimental project since 2019


There are three chapters in The Unnamed Project.


Chapter 1: Collect the local recycled products, mostly landfill waste from around the venue into the site and form a fundamental narrative by organising them in the space. The performance that took place on the opening day introduces an 'assembly line' into the site to mass-produce the product "nests", which are combined of randomly printed web images from a coded system, and fresh eggs wrapped in them. As eggs represent individuals, each one of them is wrapped in a "tailored" piece of information. Produced one after another, these individuals are populated with previously established constructs, which then form a complete narrative of the environment and the individuals: an abstract summary of the world in which we live.






Chapter 2: The narrative within the space moves to a new stage: a team of professional workers enters the site and dismantles all the objects in the space. Eventually, all the objects in the space are broken down into pieces and the individuality of the 'nests' is then vanished during the process of systematic destruction, becoming part of the rubble. All the small pieces will be shaped into a dune. This chapter aims to represent the individual in the face of the sudden changes of each era.


Chapter 3: The dune formed in the second chapter are cleared from the site because of the potential egg rot and smell, leaving only the space. Leaving only the projected still image of the dune in the second chapter, All the matter that existed in the space became a 'ghost', a part of the memory.

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