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Cruise 巡游

Acrylic Paintings on parinted canvas


While on vacation by the Erhai Lake, in Yunnan Province, China, I dreamt of a man whose entire body was on fire but walk freely on the lake's surface. This man, whose face could not be seen and whose entire body was engulfed in flames, cruised alone, aimlessly and without the slightest wavering, over the blue and calm lake, a scene that occurred in the midst of a beautiful, well-maintained natural landscape, adding to its unnamable, unhurried yet step-by-step terror. This dream image was constantly projected by my consciousness on the lake I was looking at during the days I was at Erhai Lake.

Cruise is a series of images combining paintings and photographs, a poetic and fragmented narrative based on the horrific dream mentioned above, between the real and the unreal, restoring and interpreting the images and feelings in the dream. The rich colours and brush strokes of the lines that create the image of the "man on fire" are painted on the surface of the pre-printed canvas of the Erhai Lake landscape. The narrative tension generated by the overlap of the documentary images and the surreal narratives blurs the gap between them, leading the viewer to contemplate their situation and spirit in the ambiguous middle ground they constitute. 


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