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Artificial Waterfall 人造瀑布

2018 to now

Variable sizes

Recycled materials, emulsion varnish, polystyrene foam, Chinese ink, water, pump, metal. 

Artificial Waterfall is a waterfall without running water. The main body of the installation is made up of all the recycled materials found in the local scrapyard, such as old or broken electrical appliances and furniture. They are arranged and organised in the space applying the traditional technique of Eastern landscape architecture. The surface of these objects is covered in white paint, leaving only their shapes of them, freezing them in the present time and space. The dark liquid then flows out from above the piece, all the way to the bottom. leaving only intriguing black and grey watermark for viewers to interpret. 

The artist wishes to construct this alienated realm and intervene in everyday scenarios. Inspired by the philosophy and ideology of the traditional East Asian gardens, the piece practised and challenge the logic of the new anthropic "nature" composed of human-created objects. All the "identities" of these recycled materials were covered up and organised in a monolithic structure filling the purpose of imitating a waterfall in nature. The dark liquid activated the piece by floating through all the man-made structures. The black trace on the white surface generated a vague and brutal sensational direction for interpretation, indicating the current situation between man and nature, and the possible coming crisis. 

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