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Weekly one-character writing project

It is my first attempt is to change a written Chinese character on my studio wall on a weekly basis. Each character is a conclusion of my personal emotion and thought in its corresponding week. The aim of this project is to test if the mood of the line in calligraphy is powerful enough to express meaning.

Come And Step On and Do Not Step On

It is an improvised project. I wrote "step on!", "come and step on", "do not step on" in Chinese by using a mixture of charcoal powder and water as ink on the floor of the corridor, and deliberately put them in the way of people walking and standing. As time went by, those writings faded and became blurry because of passersby steps on them because of different reasons. It has the potential to carry the expression of language obstacle and has a sense of humour itself.  


Do not step on!

Come and step on!

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