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A Hundred of Happiness 百乐图

2018.  Paper, ink.  1.5×10m.

A Hundred of Happiness is an interactive performance based on the principles and aesthetics of Chinese calligraphy art.


Inspired by the principle of Chinese calligraphy, which is "the combination of the rhythm of brushstrokes and the content of the text," this work comprises a hundred handwritten character meaning "happiness"  from a hundred participants.  Each character carries a distinctive interpretation of happiness from the owners in the mood of the lines. Intended or unintended, the characteristics of a hundred people were left in the handwriting for reinterpretation.  Using a similar format, its momentum as a whole is identical to Chinese calligraphy but on a large scale by multiple authors. 


The project is the outcome of a series of experiments, research, and thinking through the way to show my cultural identity. I studied, and processed some features in calligraphy art into an interactive event, with an aesthetic and provocative outcome. 

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