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Mirror Cube 镜箱

 2017  to now
 Variable sizes
 Wood, metal, mirror acrylic, compost

Mirror Cube is a piece consisting of a set of mirrored boxes of various sizes, filled with soil and sprinkled with locally collected grass seeds. Inside each cube is a wooden sculpture of a human figure in various forms. The size of each cube corresponds to the pose of the sculptures.


The making of The Mirror Cubes began in 2017 till now. The new series since 2021 have been given new meanings by the times: The enclosed spaces were "individuals" buried and concealed echoes with the isolated situation during this global pandemic since 2020. The artist constructs a "double viewing" effect in this work: When confronted with these mirrored cubes, the viewer sees the reflection of the self on the mirror surface. Their consciousness then extends into the inner space, based on the reflected images. The unseeable human figure sculptures are now the "anchors" and "containers" for viewers to look back on themselves when overlapping with the real reflected self-image.

The mirror cubes do not say anything. They create opportunities for viewers will see and think about themselves as they gaze into them. 

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