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​Installation and Performance 行为与装置艺术的探索

I was a painter before I studied Fine Art course. During the exportation in art, I realise that the 2D art has less potential to do two-sided communication than 3D art. That the reason why I am so eager to move to installation and performance. So far, I got a installation and a performance piece finished and several unfinished or planned pieces are on going.

1, Mirror Cube

The work was inspired Antony Gormley and land art, and deeply influenced by Buddhism and Taoism philosophy.  It is a monument of death and rebirth which is situated between artificial and natural. The foetal figure which buried inside the cube is seeking for the similar outcome of Still Running, which is Antony Gormley's work.

1,Basic Concepts

2, Structure

3, Human Figure

4, Location

2, A Hundred of Le

It is my first performance piece, and first art piece that was shown to the public. I did it twice, one was at Bath Spa University as a test piece, and I did it again in Fringe Art Bath Festival as the first formal version. 

3, Artificial Waterfall

It is a ongoing installation project. It is working on the juxtaposition of man-made and nature, exploring the cross-over of these extreme different element surrounding us.

1, Basic idea 

2, Ink Splash and Water Experiment 


 At this stage, I was playing around, working on the interaction between ink splash, white paint and water, preparing for the best effect for the final piece. 

3, First Small Scale Model 

4, Plans

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