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Marking Project 痕迹计划

Mark Project is in proposal form; the drawings presented offer possibilities to become a series of site-specific performance works. The central part of this project is the actions of making various marks to interact with multiple contexts in different locations. The primary purpose is taking the writing, drawing, and marking, from the surface of the paper to the physical space, by using found or purpose-built tools.


The current progress of the project is based on the investigation of locations politically and socially significant in Tokyo, like Yasukuni Shrine and Shibuya intersection. I am planning to circle the Yasukuni Shrine to highlight its surrounding political dispute; the busyness and the sense of order in Shibuya intersection are making it the site for marking the existence of individuals, discussing issues of locating individuals in the society.


The drawing shows an example of a purpose-built writing tool for the project. It was designed based on the sponge brush for doing floor calligraphy(地书) in China, but in a bigger size, requiring more body movement.  It might be used in the potential performances in Japan listed below.


Circle Series is a plan to physically circle areas, buildings, monuments which are controversial, emotional, or politically sensitive, with the big brush and water. It came from the idea that these places might be circled or marked on maps by people who are strongly related to them. The one I wanted to circle in Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) in Tokyo because of its complexity politically, historically and morally. This idea provided me with a soft visual language to engage or question social and political issues. 


This series focuses on marking the existence of individuals. One of the locations I am planning to perform this is Shibuya (渋谷) intersection. In my plan, I will leave a watermark with the brush when crossing the road among the massive crowd. Because of the vehicle/ pedestrian separation (when the green light is on, the whole intersection is free for pedestrians, and it is opposite when the red light is on), when people are waiting to cross again, the area will be clear to see the mark I drew. I am planning to do it multiple times, therefore, old marks fade out while new ones emerges. 

Arrow and Circle 箭头圈


Arrow and Circle is the first practice under the Marking Project. A long arrow made by a big brush pointed from the entrance of the building to the middle of the public area, where a big circle located. The concept of this work is to testify whether marks like this can do changes to how people use and experience a space. A day later, an artist I don't know used the circle as the location to exhibit her sculpture. 

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