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Selected practice and proposals in the year 2020

The pandemic in the year 2020 has forced people to change the way of working and thinking. In this year, I have been mainly working on proposals for showcasing unrealised ideas and making quick works, exhibiting on social media, as a result of working under limited resources and assistance. The practice in this period was a summary of my practice before and a conception of the future potential.

Furthermore, Working and thinking under the era of Covid-19 pandemic has made these works as documentation of my life in this global crisis and how I respond to it.  


During the pandemic, I have been using social media like Instagram to showcase my practice during the lockdown. These practices are based on my quick reaction and interpretation of objects that are part of my life which connected to the situations in the world. These works blurred the boundary between my life and art, and strongly collected my personal experience to this unforgettable period of time. 


My Way Home/My Way to Work is a performance as part of Marking ProjectI was imagining drawing a long arrow pointing from my workplace to home and reverse. This proposal shows the open possibilities of this project for a personal narrative on the landscape. 


These two sketched are potential Studies on Rolling Eggs No.3 and they are all video works. The one at the top is about filming an egg rolling, breaking, and gradually being cooked by a big frying pan; the second one is a video crossing three horizontal screens playing the duration shooting an egg and hit my chest in slow motion.  


In this experimental video, I was using the pigeon as a symbol to talk about the notion of individuals pushed by a greater power. 


These two proposals are focusing on fireworks. The first one F**k Off is like a childish play and A Rebel on Cai Guo-Qiang's Sky Ladder has the potential to open a Rebel Series which related to the work on the left,  I taped a banana oil painting in the wall to rebel on Comedian by Maurizio Cattelan.


Layers is a potential public installation. I transformed a political graffiti layer by layer in different themes and materials to deconstruct and reinterpretation its strong political message. 

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