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Space Project 空间计划


Space project is unrealised. Space series is A PLAY experimenting with the notion of co-authorship and social interaction. It is a method of art intervention into locals without any clear purposes. It is operating with openness to possibilities as there are no detailed game rules stipulating artists and participants.

The rules are simple: the artist could be me or others, stay in an area in any areas in the world, using open, white space as a base, and let things happen naturally. 

The project operates with an artist and the white space together in a local area. There is a degree of openness of the space. As an entrance, it connects the inner space with the outside reality, allowing communication to happen. The artist uses the white space as a base to explore the area, collecting materials and finding connections.


These materials will be taken back to the white space and will be processed based on creating, recording, trading, externally to fulfil the basic need of living, such as eating and sleeping. As a blank canvas from the beginning, these behaviours will transform the look of the space,  tracing the activity of the artist as influenced by the specific outer reality, as evidence to stories and events happens in the period of time. 

The fact that the Space and the artists are brought into an area changes the dynamics of the place and social interaction. Without any mental preparation to enter into an art scenario, locals, as participants of the project will interact with the artist and the Space itself. The interaction could be entirely practical, such as selling and buying. The influence of the intervention on the local area is unpredictable, but there is no intent to change the norm apart from the experience gained by those who take part.

Space One 一号空间

show for Locksbrooks design.jpg

Space one is designed for a show at Bath Spa University Locksbrooks Campus. It will be placed at the commercial area called the Street. Space One is set as a test of Space Project conceptually because it operates in an art-dedicated space. The shape of the Space is also changeable, like adding or taking down walls, for a further flexible adjustment of openness and functions of the Space reacting to the environment. 

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