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Studies on Rolling Eggs (転卵学)


Date: 14/06/2019-22/06/2019

Location: Seian University of Art and Design, Japan.

exhibited work: Studies on Rolling Eggs No.1, Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2, Untitled No.1

When I was in Japan for an exchange semester in 2019, I got a chance to have a solo exhibition of this project on campus in a well-equipped exhibition room. I saw it as a chance to testify how the work within the project works together. The main part of this show was Studies on Rolling Eggs No.2 in a video installation. The video 2 was projected on the floor and video 1 was played on a monitor on a much smaller scale. The sound of busy London from video 1 was played around the whole space by a stereo system.  Studies on Rolling Eggs No.1 was scanned and reprinted in the size of B0 for audiences to look into details. Untitled No.1 covered the entire wall with the broken egg displayed under a spotlight. 

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