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〇1🚀 is a multi-faceted artist who adapts playfulness, observation, experimentation, and self-exploration as keys to their practice. His practice is often associated with found objects, writings, and symbols, and keen on using these elements to convert the narratives of the spaces both violently or gently. His recent topic includes expressing individual struggles, social experiments and interactions, and visual metaphors of our society. 

〇1🚀' practice is profoundly embedded in his early life experience, his cultural heritage, and his childhood trauma. His practice is dynamic, based on current moments of feeling and thinking. He seeks his practice as a pathway to sensing and understanding the social structures and urgencies and associating with wider and more profound resources and contexts to make chain-reacted changes. He aims to involve his audiences through participation using conviviality as the basis for interaction. This has been the foundation based on his cultural identity and personality. 

Visual and active poetic, and playful experiments are the key faces of 〇1🚀's art, both shown in his large-scale installations and interactive-based intervention works. Participation and co-authorship are open to interpretation through ‘happenings’ and are both gallery-based and spontaneous.

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